Real Relationships is reaching out into the Community

Edith's Area

Outreach in Tawagan Area

Teaching using life like models

Helping Others Learn to Make Godly Choices

March Outreach

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September Outreach

July & August Outreach In Soong & Mactan


Teaching on Life's Big Choices.....

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Tribal Outreaches in Feb & March

March Outreach in Saac


The Tribal Ministry 

Cebu January Outreach in a new area....Umpad

 Cebu.......Thank You


Tribal Minsirty December

Mary Grace teaching at the Kalera Outreach

 RR seminar at Tayud, Consolacion

 Real Relationships June Outreach reaches into in a new area

May Tribal Youth Summer Outreach in San Fernando, Mindanao




April Outreaches

Real Relationships Seminar in Comawas Halapitan San Fernando Bukidnon



 Mindanao Tribal Outreach  




Real Relationships. Still impacting the lives of Filipinos


Amazing life-like model of an unborn child helps understanding of the miracle of life 


Real Relationships in Mindanao (next three pictures)




San Fernando Tribal Outreach 






 These ladies promoted the Real Relationships program on a small island off Mactan. Promotion of this program will open the door for  greater opportunities to take the message of salvation to many

The Real Relationships program is aimed at women of all ages to teach them about pregnancy, the dangers of abortion and the boundaries God sets in the area of sexual matters. This program is now being accepted into the schools of Lapu-lapu City Cebu